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It is common to hear people saying, 'thank you', 'excuse me' or 'bless me / you!' frequently. You will often be asked 'How are you?', 'Have you eaten?' or 'How was your trip?'
Inviting Someone Over in English 5 days 13 hours ago
There are various ways of inviting someone in English. First, extend your invitation by highlighting what special occasion it is. Is it your birthday celebration? A housewarming? Or after work cocktails? Making it clear what occasion it is allow your guests to be mentally prepared for the type of occasion and whether they should dress up.
Finding an apartment can be difficult, so before starting your journey there are a few key words you should know and grasp:
We greet people in different ways depending on whether we use formal language or informal language. To greet someone in a formal way upon arriving someplace we will tend to say: "good morning", "good afternoon" or "good evening". When we are using an informal way of greeting we tend to say "hi"; "hello"; "how are you"; "what's up"; "how are you today"; "how come I never see you"; "it's been such a long time"; "long time no see"; "where have you been hiding" and "it's been ages since we last met".
How to Talk about Music in English 16 days 13 hours ago
Music is a universal language. Everyone appreciates music. Everyone listens to music; on the radio, television, movies / DVD's, CD's and live performances.