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If you want to get the full scoop on what's happening at the Olympics in everything from the pole vault to ping pong, you'll need to polish up your English.
Englishtown breaks world record! 5 days 23 hours ago
Englishtown has broken the standing world record of teaching with a 72 hour non-stop English class. 26 students participated in the event, which was supervised by inspectors from Guiness world record.
“Going green” is a popular phrase in English that is used to describe a process or something that consumes less energy, or produces less waste. “Going” refers to change, like changing a manufacturing method, a product, or a lifestyle in order to make it less wasteful and polluting. “Green” is the color of nature; a universal symbol for life and renewal. Just think of a healthy, green leaf! So products, processes used to make things, companies and entire countries can “go green”. You can “go green”, too! Here are some ways you can help out the earth!
These days, it's important to know what's going on in the world around you. Reading English newspapers can be difficult if you've never learned how, though, so here are some handy hints to make sure you get <b>the scoop</b>!
Understanding the news in English 16 days 23 hours ago
Do you like to stay on top of current events? Why not watch the news in English? To help you through the broadcast, check out this useful guide to newsroom lingo!