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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to understand someone describing their family.



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We meet all types at work and the key is to take it all in stride and stay professional! Let’s take a look at some key phrases in English that you can practice.
Negotiations may be delicate affairs, especially in a language different from your own but it doesn't mean you can't show a little displeasure or handle your counterpart's unwillingness to compromise to get the outcome you want.
It's not always easy understanding why native English speakers say some things that mean entirely different things. This time, we try to help three very shy readers with their English troubles.
Television shows are a good way to understand how a language is used and to be able to describe what you've seen is a great way to practice it!
For most work trips, it'll be easy enough to get around, but what about those little extra things you need? Whether you're asking a colleague or the concierge at the hotel, here are some useful phrases for your next business trip.